Saturday 18/5 2024

Good morning!

The sun we had yesterday is going away. And after lunch. It’s looks like. Rain coming in over the mountain. If you are going up the mountain. So it can be good to have some kind of protection against the wind. As we have a bit of that at the top today. Riksgränsen Banked Slalom enters day 2. And stop in Snobben.

Warmer weather means that we can no longer ski many of the previous pistes and that rocks are starting to stick out in many places. ATTENTION! Please note that there is now no prepared slope that takes you all the way down to the hotel. ATTENTION! The orange gap is to be considered off-piste.

At the back today, the Vinkelliften and the Solliften will spin. There are no groomed slopes on the back.

Sticks and signs thaw and topple faster than we have time to put them up, but we work to keep the mountain well marked.

On the Backside of the mountain as well as by Dal station there are canals dug in the snow for irrigation of the water! There’s a marking about the tranch by Dal station so be sure to not get too far down as that trench cannot safely be crossed. Be careful around these as the snow on the banks can be weakend and collapse more easily. Also be extra aware on the Fjällräven pist on the back as there is a lot of water in that pist.

Today’s Weather

Temp in the valley: 8°C
Temp on the peak: 8°C

Wind in the valley: Light 1-7 m/s SW
Wind on the peak: Moderate 8-11 m/s SW

Fresh snow in the last 24h: 0  cm

Off-piste areas:
Branten: Open
Uffe’s Vägg: Open

Avalanche information:

Be careful near cornices, cliffs, and other formations where the snow can collapse when warm.
Take extra care around cornices when the warm weather and sun weakens the snowpack.
Always use a transceiver, probe and shovel in the off-piste.
For avalanche information outside the ski area, visit Lavinprognoser.

Cross-country ski tracks:

Vassivarvet 3.3km: Closed for the season
Soldalsspåret 10km: Closed for the season

C 2m/s
  • Saturday 18/589 cm

Status on lifts and slopes

Status on lifts
Number of open lifts 5/6
Lift Status
Katterjåkksliften Open for the season
Nordalsliften Closed
Solliften Open for the season
Vinkelliften Open
Lower chair lift Open for the season
Upper chair lift Open for the season
Open hours for lifts
Lift Days Time
Katterjåkksliften Every day 10.00-12.00
Nordalsliften Every day 09.00 – 16.00
Solliften Mon-Thurs 10.00-15.00
. Fri-Sun 10.00-15.00
Vinkelliften Closed Closed
Bottom chair lift Every day 09.00 – 16.00
Top chair lift Every day 09.00- 16.00
Evening skiing 03/5-24/5 Fri & Sundays* 22:00 – 00:30
. *Friday 17/5 no evening skiing. Instead Thursday 16/5. .
Status on pistes
Number of open slopes 10/16
Piste Status
Skimastern Closed
Kanan Closed
Gränsleden 1 Open
Gränsleden 2 Closed
BH-löpan Open
Mössan Open
Blåbärsbacken Open
Lingonstigen Closed
Vargtassen Open
Lämmeln Closed
Ripan Open
Fjällräven Open
Klunken Closed
Smygarn Open
Apelsinklyftan Open
Yankee Open


Closed due to storm?

Sometimes we are exposed to stormy weather. To make your stay as good as possible, you can read about what activities that you can do in case the storm is coming.

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For current weather info www.smhi.se or www.yr.no. For information about avalanche danger outside the ski area, read on www.lavinprognoser.se