About the competition

Riksgränsen Banked Slalom became an immediate classic after the first year. In 2013, we had 60 dedicated snowboarders competing in what some would define as the “art of swinging” No jumps, no spins, no rails, just one you, your board and your ability to carve and keep pace through a course with 22 banks of curves . In year two, 2014, we had 151 people competing from 7 different nations aged 9-57 years. In year three we had over 250 and since then we have had about 300 riders who competed in the track and many more who watch the competition from the side. In 2018, 120 of them were women and we are very proud to have taken our event in that direction. Our biggest growth is juniors / children and ladies and in 2019 we had even more women and juniors competing. In recent years, we have seen a development of new boards that are dedicated to turning and more clips with “carving tricks” appear on social media. Snowboarding recaptures the carcass and takes all snowboarders with it. Riksgränsen Banked Slalom is part of that movement and every year we try to embrace the spirit of snowboarding and connect the past with the future.

Thursday 19/05 – Arrival day
The race track opens up for training in the afternoon
Lifts are open until 18:00
Participants meeting at 21.00

Friday 20/05 – Training and Qualifications
Training starts at 10.00
Qualifications start at 14.00
Norgesvängen starts at 18.00
Grönan opens at 21.30

Saturday 21/05 – Qualifications and Final
Qualifications start at 10.00
Final starts at 14.00
Banquet at 21.00