One of the best parts about pushing it all day is when you finally get to take a pause, and there’s no better place for a relaxing break than Lappis. Located right at the foot of the mountain, Lappis is a fantastic spot for a quick coffee break or a longer pause to reflect on your day’s adventure.

A Well Earned Break

Lappis also features remarkably fast service; if looking for a pizza, satisfying pasta dishes or a quick sandwhich, not to mention a seleciton of beer, wines and soft drinks, you’ll find it all here. Don’t forget to try some of our special hot chocolate! 

Open Hours

Period Days Time
22/2-26/5 -2024 Daily

Winter Menu

Lappis serves lunch during daytime and during  the evening it becomes a homely pizzeria. Please note that lunch is served in Grönan if Lappis is closed.

Lappis lunch

Today’s lunch – 140 SEK (allergens vary)

Chocolate muffin (G) – 30 SEK
Blueberry muffin (G)(Ä) – 30 SEK

Coffee – 25 SEK
Hot Chocolate (MP) – 30 SEK
Hot Chocolate with Cream (L)(MP) – 30 SEK

Höga kusten – 85 SEK
Naked Apple Cider – 85 SEK

RC Cola – 25 SEK
Orange soft drink – 25 SEK
Lemon and lime soft drink – 25 SEK
Lingonberry drink – 25 SEK
Redbull – 35 SEK
Smakis apple – 20 SEK
Smakis pear – 20 SEK
Smakis orange – 20 SEK
Water 33 cl – 25 SEK
Sparkling water 33 cl – 25 SEK


Lappis Evening

Burrata SEK 99kr
Cherry tomatoes, herb oil, Parmesan, black pepper, basil

Garlic Bread SEK 75kr
Garlic butter, parmesan, parsley, mayonnaise with pecorino



Pizza di patata – 165 SEK
Crème fraiche, mozzarella, potato, rosemary, rocket, breadcrumbs, parmesan, olive oil.

Svampskog – 195 SEK 
Cream cheese with horseraddish, mozzarella, king oyster mushroom, black cabbage, beetroot, pickled celeriac.

Västerbotten – 178 SEK
Crème fraiche, mozzarella, Västerbotten cheese, pickled red onion, lightly salted chips, roe and chives.
(G)(MP)(L)(traces of SK)

Nduja – 165 SEK
Tomato, nduja, mozzarella, broccoli, straciatella, white onion, honey, parmesan

Asian BBQ – 165 SEK
Tomato, mozzarella, porkbelly, asian bbq-glaze, salsa, koriander

Bambino – 99 SEK
Tomato, mozzarella, ham

Mud cake – 75 SEK 
Swedish chocolate cake, mixed berries, whipped cream

(G)= Gluten | (L)= Lactose | (Ä)= Eggs | (SK)= Shellfish | (N)= Nuts | (MP)=Milk protein.
For other allergies, ask the staff. All pizzas can be made gluten-free. Traces of gluten may occur when preparation occurs in an environment where there is gluten.

Coca Cola – 32 SEK
Coca Cola Zero – 32 SEK
Fanta – 32 SEK
Sprite – 32 SEK
Ginger Joe – 35 SEK
Coffee – 25 SEK

Rickys IPA, draft beer 40 cl 89 SEK/ bottle 50 cl 105 SEK
Fagerhults 50 cl – 85 SEK

The house red wine – 105 SEK
The house  white wine– 105 SEK