Imagine gazing out over pristine mountain tops while getting a deep massage, sitting in a hot tub or taking a sauna? The rugged wilderness and the height of self pampering; you can combine both worlds in our Relaxen spa.


Relaxen spa & sauna offers the premier in relaxing environments and treatments in northern Scandinavia; Sweden’s northernmost ski resort gives outstanding views of the mountain world. Our focus is peace and quiet.


At our spa we focus on peace and quiet. The entrance includes towel and access to sauna and our indoor pools; outdoor hot tubs are booked separately. For those who have booked a spa treatment / massage, admission to the spa is included and you can borrow a bathrobe.

Price: SEK 195 per person

Children (in company with an adult): 0-3 years free 3-12 years SEK 100

Age limit: from 12 years with guardian / adult company, you as a parent are responsible for your children contributing to the spa feeling


Yoga Tuesdays & Fridays at 8.00 Price: SEK 100 per person, SEK 250 incl. spa entrance

Free group training for accommodation at the hotel.


Rental of bathrobe: SEK 95

Extra towel: SEK 25


Here, we aspire to provide a place for you to find ultimate relaxation together. Take a massaging bath in the whirlpool, sit back in the relaxation chairs of the relaxation room and enjoy a calming group treatment or subscribe to our entire spa. Your group can consist of everything from a small family to a large conference group.

The minimum number for a group treatment is three people and the maximum is ten people. All treatments include entrance to Relaxen with pool, whirlpool and sauna as well as a complimentary bathrobe and towel.



Rent our entire spa for two hours with a staffed bar. Only outside regular opening hours.

Price (0-30 people): SEK 7,500 Price (30-60 people): SEK 10,500


Sit together and enjoy a cleansing foot bath as we start with a short exercise to calm the mind at the same time as you receive a relaxing neck and scalp massage. You can also try a beneficial lotion for winter dry hands. The treatment ends with a circulation-enhancing foot and lower leg massage that speeds up tired ski legs. Drinks and snacks included.

50 min | 3-5 people – 1 therapist

50 min | 6-10 people – 2 therapists

Price: SEK 595 per person

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Immerse yourself in a hot bath in our two hot tubs and enjoy the company and the beautiful view. Space for 8 people in each tub.

Price: SEK 995 per tub and hour (admission will be added)

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Treat yourself to a massage or treatment when you visit us at Relaxen! For those who want a treatment, there is a lot to choose from. All treatments include entrance to the Relaxen with pool, whirlpool and sauna. For those who have booked a treatment, we offer a complimentary comfortable bathrobe.


Classic Massage

fr. 495:-/pers

Fjällmys (Mountain Relaxation) – Aromatic | 50/80 MIN

fr. 995:-/pers

Fjällyx – Deep Relaxation | 80 MIN

fr. 1395 SEK, Friday & Saturday 1395:-/pers

Fjällyx – Deep Tissue | 80 MIN

fr. 1295 SEK, Friday & Saturday 1395:-/pers

Lapland Resorts Signum | 110 MIN

fr. 1995:-, Friday & Saturday 2095:-/pers

Quick-fix Spa Treatment

fr. 595:-, Friday & Saturday 695:-/pers

Special offer C / O GERD Après Ski | 20 MIN

fr. 495:-/pers


fr. 1295 SEK, Friday & Saturday 1395:-/pers

Tip to Toe | 50 MIN

fr. 50 min 995 SEK, Friday & Saturday 1095:-/pers

Snack and Drink Package


We provide a wide selection for more nutritious alternatives that we are happy to arrange according to your wishes in consultation with our chef. Below you see some suggestions for ready-made packages. We are happy to compose all packages according to availability and wishes.

HÄLSOGOTT A basket with the fruits of the day. Homemade smoothies in a healthy spirit.

Price: SEK 125 per person

HEART SNACKS Chocolate-dipped strawberries and fresh berries.

Price: SEK 125 per person

WINE COMBINATION Cheese, olives and snacks according to our chef’s choice.

Price: SEK 125 per person

TASTE OF NORRLAND A selection of charcuterie and delicacies from Lappland.

125 SEK per person

SNACK BUFFET Hard to pick just one, isn’t it? We can also set the table with goodies from the various snack packages.

Price: SEK 165 per person

Opening Hours

Opening hours are the same for children provided they are accompanied by an adult. 

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