The Lobby Bar & Pelikanhyllan

The lobby bar is a go-to meeting place in Riksgränsen. Take a seat in the cozy bar next to the lobby for a bite to eat and drink after a day on the slopes or in front of our fireplace with a good book. When the sun finally returns from it’s winter down south and spring approaches, we also open the doors to our large terrace, Pelikanhyllan.


Relax after a day outdoors or take an after dinner visit at the lobby bar. The bar offers our classic lobby menu with burgers, sandwiches, salads and drinks.


We are proud to exclusively serve Swedish meat on our menu, often locally produced. We use lactose free products to the greates extent possible. These abbreviations will help you identify the most common allergies, note that there is no label for seeds.

(G)= Gluten | (L)= Lactos  | (E)=eggs | (MP)= Milk protein | (SF)= Shellfish | (N)= Nuts  | (S)= Soy | (C) = Celery | (F) = Fish | (M) = Mustard


Hamburger with homemade burgersauce, aioli, cheddar cheese, salad, tomatoes, pickled redonion, pickled cucumber and pommes frites | 199:-
(M) (G) (MP) (E)

Halloumiburger with homemade burgersauce, aioli, cheddar cheese, salad, tomatoes, pickled redonion, pickled cucumber and pommes frites | 199:-

Beyond Burger with vegan homemade burgersauce, vegan garlic sauce, salad tomatoes, pickled onions, pickled cucumber, pommes frites | 199:-

Fish & Chips with cod, pommes frites, remoulade sauce and green peas (also vegan option) | 199:-
(M) (E) (G)

Toast Skagen on Levain bread with caviar and dill | 199:-

Salad with mixed salad, vegetables, lemon dressing. Option between shrimp, chicken or smoked tofu. Served with bread | 179:-

Elk meatballs with potatoe puree, clarified butter, lingonberries and green peas | 249:-
(MP) (E) (G)

Goulash soup served with bread and creme fraiche | 169:-
(MP) (G)

Flat garlic bread  served with aioli | 146:-

Mixed olives | 75:-

Tapenade with crisp bread | 75:-


Swedish Meatballs with mashed potatoes, lingonberries, and homemade pickled cucumber | 95 SEK

Hamburger with french fries and ketchup | 105 SEK

Chicken Nuggets with french fries, side salad, and ketchup | 95 SEK

Vanilla Ice Cream with chocolate or fudge topping | 65 SEK


Weather permitting, we open the doors to our large, sun-drenched terrace, Pelikanhyllan. Take in a breathtaking view while enjoying a cold drink, and soak up the sun well into the evening after a day on the slopes. The Pelikanhyllan also has the best view of the off-piste slopes of Uffes Vägg and Branten. As you relax on the terrace, a survey of the hill above will provide excellent vistas, bountiful backflips and a chance to enjoy some of the best of Riksgränsen. On sunny days, there are also après-ski outdoors on Pelikanhyllan.

Open hours

Lobby bar
Period Days Time
22/2-26/5 -2024 Monday-Thursday 11:00-23:00
Friday-Saturday 11:00-00:00
Sunday 11:00-23:00
Sunday 26/5 11:00 – 16:00