Activities in Riksgränsen

The spirit of Riksgränsen simply breathes skiing, downhill alpine culture permeates each stone and tree of this mountainous environment. Riksgränsen is an enormous snowscape with over 60 peaks and 1200 meters of elevation waiting to be explored. Your mission is simply to choose with awesome activity fits your fancy, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Nordalsfjället (North Valley Mountain)

fr. 920:-/pers

Youth Off-Piste Skiing

fr. 545 :-/pers

Private Lesson

fr. 1095:-/pers

Ski Touring-Private Guide

Ski Touring-Whole Day

fr. 1540:-/pers

Dogsled tour

fr. 1695:-/pers

Snowmobile tours

Off piste guide

fr. 665:-/pers

Covid – 19 Activity information

In order to offer you as safe and memorable an experience as possible in Riksgränsen, we have taken measures against the spread of Covid-19. All activities are carried out outdoors and all meetings between your guide or ski instructor will occur at a designated place outdoors. Most activities can be carried out in  private parties if you wish, simply contact our booking department and they will help you. Keep in mind, just like in all other circumstances during the pandemic, we encourage you to stay home if you feel sick.

During the winter season 2020/2021 certain activities are only available upon request.  Contact our booking department for more information. 

Did you know that our sister resort Björkliden also offers many exciting activities? You can easily find your way there with a fast transfer bus!

Activities in Björkliden

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