Antti Autti

How does a perfect day on the mountain look like for you?
Perfect weather with perfect snow usually means perfect day on the mountain but thru out the years I have realized that sometimes the best days can actually happen when you just go out no matter what the conditions are and just go with the flow. Those are the times when the magic can happen and if it does, then you remember em’ rest of your life.

Do you have any favorite run or favorite tour in Riksgränsen?

My favorite run in Riksgränsen is for sure Norgesvängen! I remember watching Subjekt Haakonsen and thinking about riding that place! There is always fun stuff to be ridden over there!

What should you not miss when visiting Riksgränsen?

Riksgränsen is such a legendary resort and it is still true to it’s roots. It is very difficult explain how it feels to someone who has never been there. Only thing I want to say to people thinking about visiting Riksgränsen is that once you have been there and experienced the feel of it, you always want to come back.

What do you think is the best with Riksgränsen?

Long days from mid march – till closing day are my favorites for sure. I love the late evening riding and the light is usually then just epic!

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