The area around Riksgränsen has lots of gems. Grand views and places void of previously made tracks. Go skiing on your own or hire a guide, for one or more days.

Ski touring in Riksgränsen


A classic, must for any enthusiast. Start at Vassijaure and go 2 kilometres southeast towards Kärkevagge. Then, turn off to the right and go up the left side of the gully over large snow fields. It planes out at 1,000 metres above sea level and you follow the spine southwest, leading to the peak. You are then free to pick your point of descent from a wealth of lines with varying difficulty levels.

Vertical drop: 850 meters

Time: 4 hours to the top

Difficulty level: Medium


A fantastic overall experience that ends with the spectacular Kopparås channel. Start at the Låktatjåkka train station. Go along the cross marked path via Vargpasset, up to Låktatjåkko Mountain Lodge. From there, carry on up to the Låktatjåkka peak. From the top, you can choose to ski back down to the mountain station, or down the front, along the Koppasås channel, one of Sweden’s finest off-piste runs.

Vertical drop: 950 meters

Time: 4 hours to the Låktatjåkko mountain station, then 30 minutes up to the top

Difficulty level: Medium