The plane take off from Stockholm and land in Kiruna after approximately 90 minutes, after which you need to get a bus, train or car to Riksgränsen. The transfer between Kiruna and Riksgränsen also takes about 90 minutes, so it shouldn’t take more than four hours to get from Stockholm to Riksgränsen.




Step aboard the train in Stockholm or Gothenburg at night and wake up amidst the fantastic mountain scenery the next day. You will reach Riksgränsen by lunch time. SJ runs the stretch between Stockholm and Riksgränsen, which takes approximately 18 hours. From the Riksgränsen train station, it is only a couple of hundred metres to Hotell Riksgränsen.



Drive north on the E4, turn left at Töre and then take the E10 to Kiruna and Narvik. You will find us just before the Norwegian border.


Länstrafiken have busses that run between Kiruna and Riksgränsen, and between Narvik and Riksgränsen. Read more here.

Visit Abisko also provides transfer from the airport in Kiruna to Riksgränsen.

Lapland Resorts Transfer

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